I know there have been lots of posts and discussions around travel covers and mooring covers. I've read them all and they've provided great information. I'm currently running a Rankin travel cover on my 2004 XLV and I'm really happy with it.

However, the marina we moor at for our vacations only has access to one side of the boat while in the slip. While the Rankin is a great travel cover, it's a PITA to use as a mooring cover. We faithfully cover the boat every night, so it's rock/paper/scissors on who gets the dreaded task of covering the boat.

Based on that, I was thinking about getting the 2-piece snap cover (for the bow and cockpit) to use for the night time covering. That would mean drilling a ton of holes for snaps, but it sure would be easier for covering while in the slip as well as covering the bow for those cooler mornings.

I would like to know what folks think about ordering a snap cover from Skiers Choice (if it's even available), having a local shop do it (I'm in Western Canada), or if anyone knows of a shop that might already have the template -which means I could purchase it and then apply snaps myself.

I appreciate any thoughts or comments.