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    Quote Originally Posted by parrothd View Post
    I try to switch off to save the hours/gas, but this year we used the heater continuously and whenever I start the boat it kills the radio which disconnects my bluetooth..

    I keep people moving so there's little down time, have the next person get ready while the current person is finishing their set, so they don't waste 5 minutes looking for their lifejacket.. I find we get more sets in with smooth water just need to remind them..

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    My audio is wired seperately from the ignition circuit. I would consider doing the same. I have a master switch next to my WS420 that powers down all my remote turn on leads.

    Quote Originally Posted by cab13367 View Post
    I ALWAYS shut it down when switching riders because I don't see any reason to leave the engine running, and plenty of reasons to shut it off, such as:

    Peace of mind for the rider coming in that the prop is not turning.
    Reduce the CO at the back of the boat. Who wants to breath CO while putting their board on and getting ready to ride?
    Saves gas.
    Saves hours on the boat.

    Even if someone is using the heater, I still shut it off. My Perfect Pass powers back on and remembers the set speed before I key it off so no issues there. Just fire it up and go.

    ^^^^ pretty much this. we aren't generally in that much of a hurry to swap out riders. And likewise my PP remembers the last setting.
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    I almost never do if I'm driving (I'm the "1" for almost never). However, if anybody else is in the driver seat (which is only when I ride), I shut the boat off every time for them. So as the question is posed, if I were driving all day then no I never really do unless we're adjusting a significant amount of ballast or ropes or something.
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    I Almost always shut mine off. The only time I do not is when I am picking up a rider really quickly because someone is going to hit us or we are going to hit the shore line.

    This comes from learning to ski behind an outboard. There is also many things that can go wrong leaving the engine on. Someone could fall, hit this throttle and away you go. This has happened to me. First thought I had was I am glade the boat is off.
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    Depends on who just rode and who is riding next and how long we plan to take between riders. I have certain drivers that do not like to set Moomba Cruise so I will pull them first, set the cruise, and then when it is my turn I just leave the boat on so they don't have to worry about the cruise. If we had PP i know for sure we would turn it off more often than we do now but if I drive for 4-5 riders in a row then I usually turn it off, I have setting Moomba Cruise down to a science

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    Default Do you turn the boat off to switch riders?

    turn it off each time. kids usually jump in for a swim while the riders are switching out. this gives me time to take a dip and catch a kiss from the wifey as I spend most of the day driving

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    Always on our boat, but when I'm driving for a bunch of beer guzzling old fart surfers on someone else's boat then probably not
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    Default Re: Do you turn the boat off to switch riders?

    Quote Originally Posted by trayson View Post
    My audio is wired seperately from the ignition circuit. I would consider doing the same. I have a master switch next to my WS420 that powers down all my remote turn on leads.

    ^^^^ pretty much this. we aren't generally in that much of a hurry to swap out riders. And likewise my PP remembers the last setting.
    It's on the list to be fixed, with the new slip I haven't had any time to do anything except use the boat..

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    Yes, always.
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    Always. Clearly the risks due directly to propeller contact are far lower with an inboard and swim platform than OB and IO boats, but it's just not worth the risk of an unintended action.
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    Mine engine always gets shut down, spent the last 6 years with an I/O and it's become habit. I also always have my blower running at the launch and while running... only gets shut down when we're on the hook. Easy things to help keep you and others safe...
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