I am a happy new Mondo owner, actually picked up the boat last weekend. I really have to thank everyone on this forum because when researching boats, I could see there are a lot of happy Moomba owners on here! I am a newbie to Moomba, I traded in my Yamaha AR190, and our family absolutely loves the Mondo. I don't think my dealer knew about the auto wakeplate adjustment because they didn't tell me about it during the operations overview (I thought they went above and beyond in their operations demo of the boat out on the lake). I actually found something about it on the web Sunday night after my wife had a hard time understanding where to set it for me. I thought I had everything set where I wanted it and jumped in the water. Once behind the boat, I noticed the wake wasn't exactly the way I had set it. Knowing this would have saved some "heated" discussions on the ride home. It's all good though. Just part of the learning curve I guess. Hopefully will have better luck next weekend, if it is warm enough, with setting everything up knowing about the auto adjustment feature. But, very happy with dealer, and did I say I love this boat?