There is something to be said for coming out at 7am, pour a couple of coffee, walking maybe 100ft, and having this.

No, it doesn't last all day. Well maybe if you get lucky.

Few summers ago I did sort of an impromptu stay-cation. Friends were camping on the beach out of Camas on the Columbia. I played hookie from work, we went out Thursday morning, stayed til dark. They hit the tents, we went home to our nice dry clean house. Played hookie again on Friday - same routine. Thought about camping out with them, but bagged it. Came home at o'dark thirty. Got up early Saturday - same thing. Got up early Sunday - same thing. Rolled in around 10pm Sunday night and had to go to work the next day. One of the best non-traveling vacations I can remember. Only downside was about $450 in gas in a real short amount of time but I'd do it all over again.