On the weekend I was winterizing my boat and changing all of the fluids. I was waiting for the fluid extractor to suck up my oil and I thought maybe I should change my impeller................. I have done it in the past with mixed results.
I read some where that a guy had used WD40 to help with the process.
I removed the 4 brass bolts/screws and carefully removed the cover of the impeller, I then sprayed quiet a bit of WD40 into the impeller housing, they i "bumped the engine over a few turns" sprayed more wd40 and bumped engine over a few more turns. I used one "paint can opener" and it slid out right away.
When I inspected the impeller i was surprised I was missing a blade as it was only about 65 hours old.
I sprayed wd40 all over the new impeller and it slid right back into place.
Put cover back on and that was it.
total time 5 min, didnt even try to drink a beer while doing it.

Anyway I posted this because I have spent about 1.5 hours trying to get my impeller out with out wd40 and a very long time trying to get it back in.