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    Default heater install 2012 outback v

    I recently installed a heater on my outback v and it works really well. If you are thinking about getting a heater you should go for it. Hopefully this write up is useful to you...
    I installed a heatercraft 3 outlet heater in my 2012 outback v.
    I purchased the package which includes 1 vent and 2 hot tubes.
    The heater was mounted on the port side towards rear of the boat. The space is very tight here, so I was only able to drill the screws into one side; it seems secure enough.
    The kit comes with most materials but you will need large black zipties and 50 Feet of extra wire.
    You will also need some wire connection pieces and tape for the engine mounted hardware.
    After I extended the wire I ran it up towards the battery and followed the predefinded route used by the main power to access the drivers panel.
    The engine connections are labeled so this was very straightforward.
    I had to drill a hole into the black plastic divider panel to run the hoses through. This is the small panel and not the one that folds down to allow engine access.
    The hot tubes easily reach the driver therefore I didn't see the need to run the vents all over the boat.
    I located the switch in a location where passangers can access it without interrupting the driver.
    Regarding drilling the fiberglass:
    Have your friend come over who has done it before!
    It took two people 2 hours to complete the almost an hour to cleanup the fiberglass dust from everywhere.
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