Two weekends ago, we planned on boarding at the Sac River on Saturday as Oroville is getting real low and not worth the 2 1/2 hour drive for one day. But woke up to rain, so we headed up to Berryessa which is about 25 minutes away on Sunday and had a great day.

So last Saturday here the weather was perfect, about 85 degrees, but we were working on a buddy's backyard, planning on going boarding the next day, Sunday. Wake up early Sunday, to clouds, cold and rain (thanks Oregon!)

This weekend it is supposed to be almost 90 here in Nor Cal, but my wife's friend called and offered us her Tahoe condo, which my wife said yes (Tahoe in Fall???? WTF? Squaw doesn't have boarding in the fall!). And to top it off, my local baseball team (Go A's) are in the playoffs!

So now I need some help, do I:
  1. Start coughing, "oh honey, you go without me, I don't want to ruin your weekend"
  2. File divorce papers? Seems a little rash
  3. Show her a little rash on my...?
  4. Load up the boat, and tell her "I'll be back in a couple of minutes..." and return Sunday night?
  5. Sell the house and move to Florida, board all year and their teams suck.
  6. And please don't tell me to just "Man up" I am married