Our 12 year old son just started surfing this summer behind our OBV. He is 92 pounds and 5' tall. We have been borrowing our neighbor's Hyperlite 5'4" Broadcast. He gets up great, and has no problem surfing laps around the lake. He doesn't do any tricks yet, but he can go up and down the wave, and he can get himself back to the sweet spot if he gets to far out. Anyways, we have no other boards to try, and I would like to get him his own board for Christmas. He seems to like the Broadcast, and it seems to be a popular board, but is there a different board out there that might be better. The Broadcast is pointed on both ends, but some boards have a square tail, and others have a fish tail. What are the different tails for? What size should I be looking at?

Thanks for any input.