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Ah Man,hate to see that,glad nobody got hurt,I have heard that there is a place on that Lake that is called Million Dollar cove for that reason but you would think somebody buy now would have marked it ? At least at Mississinewa they mark everything pretty well,There was a tree down this year that i havent seen before and they even but a buoy buy it and then somebody but there tightie whities on one of the branches,classic, Anyways it fixable and now you have to come hang at Mississinewa.

Yeah I know million dollar point. I stay as far away from that place as possible. I will be mainly at Mississinewa next year.

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that sucks but you are 100% right, this is why we all have insurance!
Yep. Life happens.

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Big bummer, sucks to end the season that way, thankfully your rider didn't hit it and everyone was injury free.
Yeah I am glad he didn't hit that or the boat when it almost stopped.

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Ouch, that hurts!! Luckily no one was injured and you were done using the boat for the summer.

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These are true facts you speak.

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Do you have a machine without a prop to get out to it. If not I will bring our jet skis down Wednesday.

That shallow could be a life ender if you took a hard fall in the wrong spot.

I still have my old boat that is technically sold, the guy just hasn't picked it up. It's a jet boat so I will take that out and mark the spot.

Yeah if someone is wakeboarding through there and wipes out they are done. I would feel horrible if something like that happened and I didn't take the time to go back out and mark the spot.