Ok, I know this is going to sound terrible...but we might be buying a house off the water . My question is, will my LSV fit in a standard garage? It's 23' deep by 26' wide, door is 83" tall (1" shorter than 7ft). I think the LSV with the swing away tongue, deck off, and tower down should just barely fit. My old garage was 23' deep also, and my 00 Launch with tower down (which was taller than LSV prob) and no swing tongue fit at a very slight angle (was 23' 6" long).


We currently rent kind of on a completely private lake, which is an amazing lake, but our house is actually a street off the lake but the house has a deeded easement on the water where I have a dock with my boat and jetski hoists and stuff. It's not as convenient as you would think since we run back and forth via golf cart, but at least I don't have to trailer my boat. Plus my wife HATES the house and location of the house itself, like with a passion. I'm pretty indifferent, but it's not her style at all and I'm really only here because of the easement on the water.

We are ready to buy, but just can't find anything affordable that we like on the water. My wife prefers a house off the water that is huge and gorgeous, compared to a house on the water that is medium and mediocre. Me, I'd prefer water...but you know how that goes. The house we are thinking about putting an offer on is in an awesome sub that's on an electric only lake (this house isn't directly on it), but there's a huge, and I mean huge, lakeside park for residents only that has a great beach, playground, tennis courts, etc. At least I could still use my SUP there I guess. The house is within 10-15 minutes of probably 10 public lakes I can launch at, so I'm not too far away. The house is a huge awesome victorian with everything my wife wants, like gourmet kitchen with granite and all that crap. We have two small kids, 5 and 2, and it looks like a very kid friendly sub, and it's definitely a higher end sub of the area.

Anyway, literally my only holdout is based on if my LSV can fit in the garage. The neighborhood has a rule against leaving boats (or other trailers) in the driveway I guess for more than a day or two. Kind of sucks since I have a fifth wheel, double jetskis, snowmobile trailer, duck hunting boat, golf cart, etc...looks like I'll be getting a big storage unit lol.