So I'm the type that's near impossible to buy for. If it's not terribly expensive, i just buy it. If it's a bigger ticket item, I do painstaking research to find the best item at the best deal...

My wife started working weeks ago on what was going to be my anniversary present. She was able to enlist the help of a couple "boat ninjas". Namely our very own "NEWTY" and another local. Thanks Ryan!

When I bought the boat, the rear cushions were in sad shape, and the trunk lid had a big split on the center seam. The vinyl that covered the hinge was also looking pretty bad.


I found some white cushions on ebay and got them for next to nothing. They were a little small, so I used the bottoms of the old cushions to hold them. Kinda looked like cushions sitting on cafeteria trays... But it worked and it was super cheap. The white was "close" in color to the light gray and it was getting me by... I "fixed" the ripping seam in the center of the trunk with some black gorilla tape. It held for a couple months.

After a few bruised knees and scraped shins, I guess the wife wasn't a big fan of my cheap ass fix on the seats. And I knew something would have to be done again on the trunk lid.

So, she enlisted the help of some "boat ninjas" that we'd met via the Moomba forums. With their help, they were able to find my old seat vinyl, take my seats and the trunk lid without me knowing, and got them totally reupholstered. Then while we were away in Vegas celebrating our anniversary, they actually came and stole my boat and removed the decals and did an aggressive polishing on the gelcoat. They also dressed the trailer and oiled up the teak and reapplied the decals (which my wife was able to re-order from the place I had them custom made at).

New rear cushions and trunk lid:

We went with a black stripe on the trunk lid to match the one that's on my engine cover.