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    Default Four Exile SXT65 Speakers for Sale

    Pm sent your way

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    Default Four Exile SXT65 Speakers for Sale

    Quote Originally Posted by rca View Post
    I've got four Exile SXT65 surf speakers for sale. We used these for most of this season until we upgraded to the SXT9s. They are the quick release type, so we took them off the boat and stored them inside when not in use. They are in very good condition. I've got the brackets for mounting and the covers as well.

    Looking for $800 plus shipping.

    Did you end up selling these?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bergermaister View Post
    ^ Awesome! I remember that commercial all too well.

    I've been talking to someone about them doing a 9 Hybrid setup lately. Not sure if its a matter of IF or WHEN...
    I'm really not getting why people are trying to do 9 hybrid setups.
    The whole point of the 7 hybrid was because the XM7s where all about in your face, with hardly any mid bass at all. They where either loud or quite.
    You added the SXT9 to the picture to fill in that mid bass at close range.

    I just don't see what your going to get with a Hybrid of 4-9 series speakers.

    We run 6 XM9s and mainly surf and trust me they sound awesome at surf distance and don't blow you away at all. Just turn them down a little at surf and crank em up at Wake board distances.
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    Default Four Exile SXT65 Speakers for Sale

    I did sell them, btw.
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