Hey Everyone,

Was searching for an easy way to winterize my boat without heading to the lake and came across one made from a plunger and hose adapter. So, after looking on Bakes at the real ones, I decided to spend the 6 bucks on a plunger and try to fabricate. It was super easy, and the adapter sits nicely in the rubber. Tested it and with a small board under the handle, makes a great seal. My question is, do I run the hose from the house full, or slightly below. I watched a You tube video, and it seems pretty easy to do. Do these steps look right:

Seal it under the boat,
Turn on the hose,
water will leak out of the seal until you start the boat
Start and watch for water coming out.
Run it on idle to warm up the oil and then shut down to change
once the engine is filled with new oil and filter, run engine again to circulate.
Shut down and done!

Does that sound right. Not overly confident when doing it myself for the first time, so any insight to easy my mind of overheating my boat or ruining something would be great.