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maybe it's the age thing, but I don't for the life of me understand surfing without a lifejacket. I know I've had a couple close calls falling with the board. all it takes is once for it to pop you in the head. I don't know the laws in WI(yet), but in ID, behind a boat? no jacket? instant ticket and long lecture from the po-po while they look for more tickets. I know I don't want my liability insurance paying off a drowning. I don't understand the comp vest thing either. if you're going to wear it, make it float ya. I have heard "true lifevests are too constrictive" from the same guys that all they can do is go wake to wake, but I guess at least it's something...

ok off soapbox and back on track..

@ clarkely- you want 300lb guys for ballast. although nice for scenery, she's not doing much for that wave
My comp vest actually floats me pretty well, never have felt unsafe with it. I wouldn't suggest surfing with no vest (nor riding with a comp vest), but I won't lie there are times I do and a couple have been because I forgot my vest in my dock box lol. I never wore a vest any times I've surfed the ocean as probably none of you have if you've surfed...that's much more dangerous in my opinion.

But back to girls and wakes!

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