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    Default Do you carry a spare prop?

    Just wondering how many of you keep a spare with you on the boat just in case. I always did in my old I/O boats but a spare aluminum prop wasn't too expensive. I don't have one now but would feel more comfortable with an extra.
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    Prop and puller. Either aren't very practical alone..

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    Default Re: Do you carry a spare prop?

    I keep a spare in my truck, would suck if you had to wait around for a repair, the prop repair shops are really busy during the summer. May take a few weeks.. upgrade to a better prop and keep the old one..

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    Definitely want a spare prop - and a puller - and train yourself on how to use the puller - before you need it. It is nto complicated but it helps to understand the process if you ahve never done it before. Maybe not in the boat - - but in the truck. We live on lake so have one in garage.
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    I sure do now after the low NorCal water level put a ding in my 1617.

    I bought a new prop and puller (SOO Easy!! Just watch the videos), had the 1617 repaired by ACME and am now going to sell it as I went to a 14.5" diameter prop and am going to try a different one based on ACME's suggestion.

    Don't forget to throw a short 2x4 in with the prop puller and grab an extra key and cotter pin.
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    I don't carry one but have a spare. 5 minutes to the launch ramp so if I dinged a prop, either end of the day or a quick trip home depending on time.
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    I carry a OJ Just In Case set, keeps everything in one place. Pack it in the TV with the 4 way lung wrench and the jack.

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    Prop tool kit in the boat, spare prop in the garage, local lake is sandy/muddy bottom so not to worried about it, but does have a few rocks around the ramp.

    I do toss the spare prop in the truck when headed out of state for summver vacation boating trips.

    Got my spare prop from a forum member on trade, stock prop for the 08 LSV's.

    I did install it one time to see how it would work on my 13 LSV. Better top end speed and low end was not to terribly bad, so it would keep the vacation going if needed.

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    Got a spare after ripping one up on a rock. Had the old one repaired and kept it. Not on the boat right now but will probably be next year.
    Don't know if it is any good to keep on the boat unless it can be replaced under water. Just thought of many times I have been miles away from the marina and would suck to have a prop strike.
    It has saved a weekend having the spare there.
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    I started keeping a sprare after we upgraded the prop on the LSV.

    Even now i have a have a spare for the Mojo.
    I don't normally keep it with us at the local lake because we are only a half hour from home, and its pretty rare to see debris.

    If i travel to any new lakes, or more then an hour from home i toss it in the back of the truck.
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