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    Absolutely, always looking for riding buddies. PM me your number. I'm on Long Lake in Lake Orion. I ride on middle straits and sylvan sometimes too, on friend's boats.

    Honestly, barely anybody wakeboards or surfs on my lake and people think it's amazing that I don't need a rope to surf and that I can do a 360 on a surfboard and wakeboard...that's the kind of people I ride with most lol. I have very little drive for progression with those conditions unfortunately!

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    Okay guys, I made a Google+ album with some of my wake photos. Keep in mind that this is a 2001 Outback DD. The photos from 2006 are shortly after I got it and we didn't know what we were doing with the wake. The photos from 2009 and 2010 show a better wake. IIRC, we were running about 1000-1200# of ballast and running in the 21.5-22.0mph range. We have tweaked on it some more since then, but I have no photos of it. Also all of us guys are tall, ranging from about 5'-10" to about 6'-3".
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    Thanks guys going to try 400 front locker , 400 in the bow, and 600 each rear locker on wednesday

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