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    Around $2600 for boats jet skies and tow rig.
    Another $1136 in the rv.

    Those damn jet skies have got to go they have used more gas this year than my boat.

    Who ever brought this up and made me think about it damn you.

    Looking back to my drag racing days fuel for just the car would get crazy $8.50/gal average of 4gal a pass 6-7 passes on Saturday night. The boat isn't so bad.
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    almost enough

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    101 hours of use this year so far....approximate gas total $1,492.23
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    Default Who tracks their gas?

    Quote Originally Posted by mnpracing View Post
    101 hours of use this year so far....approximate gas total $1,492.23
    "Approximate" to the penny!
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    Quote Originally Posted by viking View Post
    I only track expenses if I want to change my habits or figure out a way to adjust something somewhere! As far as the boat and my rigs go............I'm not willing to change my habits/hobbies!
    Yes, exactly. I imagine an SC rep asking a moderator to delete this thread. It's bad for Moomba's business.

    Actually, it did get me thinking about the changes that I almost made this year. I was going to have a boat garage built on my property, but opted for a regular shed that was simply big enough to store my truckload of boat gear (which until now was stored in the basement). The boat garage would have saved me marina storage fees, but frankly I would have lost most of the savings in transportation costs. My truck gets 11 MPG towing, but 24 just hauling people and gear on the highway. I'm glad that I left the boat routine as it was, except for convenience with gear storage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfeman131 View Post
    "Approximate" to the penny!
    I can vouch for this, my wife is an accountant and she always asks for the gas receipts. I am choosing not to list my gas usage as it is rather high given the hour drive each way towing (11mpg) and on average (6hrs) of boating everyday, but you cannot put a price on temporary satisfaction
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    I'm willing to bet none of us gave a flying crap about our future gas bill when we were standing in front of our "new" boat as we were signing papers lol! Shiny "new" boat blurs out the thought of the expenses, at least to me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bergermaister View Post
    So I'm intrigued - you can claim a refund of ~ $.10 a gallon, as long as your claim is a minimum of 54 gallons. Hell - that's one good weekend! Do you happen to know what kind of documentation/receipts are necessary to go along with it?

    Pretty sure last year's boat gas bill was in the $2k range, so figure approx 500 gallons. I suppose 10 minutes or so of my time is worth $50 as long as I don't have to jump through too many hoops.
    Greg, you fill out the form that I posted the link to. That will give you an account with the Dept of Revenue. Then once you accumulate 54 gallons you fill out another form that has dollars and gallons and give them receipts. You can file 13 months back so you can accumulate reciepts for a few months and then submit them all at once.

    I just took a look at the actual reimbursement form and it's pretty simple really.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trayson View Post
    accumulate receipts for a few months
    That part would be a problem... Maybe next year.
    The years have been kind, it's the weekends that have done the damage.

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    Washington state residents can get a refund on the road tax. It takes a lot of gas purchases and keep the receipts. Too much work for me. That includes any off road use like ATVs or machinery.
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