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Thread: Wheel dollies

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    Default Wheel dollies

    Has anyone used wheel dollies on there boat to facilitate moving it around in the garage? I have a tandem axel trailer. Do I need four wheel dollies or will two work? If I put two dollies on the front tires will the back tires lift off the ground, or vise versa with the dolly on the rear tires? If anyone has used them on your boat let me know. Thanks guys.
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    I would think u would need 4....the rear wheels should pivot down ..

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    Default Wheel dollies

    I have done it with two but four is much better. I also suggest a dolly under the frt jack. Easy enough to move on a level, smooth, hard surface like this.

    With two you have to place the frt hitch almost on the ground. Dollies under front tires and the rears lift off the ground.
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    The guy I bought my boat from had 4 wheel dollies and it moved around easily. He said that it did not work well with 2. He did not have a dolly on the front jack and that did not seem to make a difference. We moved it around very easily.
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