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I was in the same situation,I had a 06 Lsv.This year i ordered a 13 LSV after debating a Nautique. I got the Moomba because of price point,but let me say that you get what you pay for,My buddy has a 2013 210 we have put over a 100 hours on that boat this summer with not one problem,My LSV on the other hand has spent more time at the dealership than on the water i have only 27 hours on it ill make you a great deal on it,HaHa,But you can almost by 2 Moombas for what he paid for his 210,i will say that my LSV has lots more room and storage than his 210 but the compairason stops there its like compairing a KIA to a BMW,But you just cant beat the price point of a Moomba.
Sorry to hear you are having issues with your 13 LSV. I have an 06 LSV and have not had one single issue with it. I bought it new and have a little over 300 hours on it now. It runs perfectly every single time and not one part has ever failed (except the battery which was 7 years old).