Ok, first I have to tell you that Iím from Quťbec and French speakingÖso I hope my English will be good enought.

OK, this is probably a weird post on a Moomba forumÖ.but here we go:

I own a Moomba Outback 2006Ögreat ski boat and I love it. But itís time for me to upgrade. Why? Because I donít ski that much anymoreÖ.more and more back pain (not getting any younger.). But I still love to ski once in a while, maybe 8-10 times per summer. My girlfriend is learning to ski, surf and wake. Friends always like to try water sport when they come overÖand I would love to learn how to surf too.
So I was thinking of a bigger boat with more room and more comfortable in the water, and still great for any water sports. I donít want to go back to a regular stern drive.
So I was thinking of the Moomba LSV, Mojo andÖ(sorry every one), the super air nautique 210 or 230. I know that there is a huge difference in the price, but I was thinking of a new Moomba or a pre-owned Nautique. I also thought that the Moomba Outback V would be good, but I find it a bit to small and to close of my OutbackÖ.. I really wanna feel like I changed for something bigger.
So, in priority order: comfort and roomy (but still fun to drive), wake, and skiÖ. I thing that Moomba boats have more room then the Nautique for the same boat length.

Thanks for the advicesÖÖ and feel free to practice your french