So I am going in to finalize my options tomorrow and the only thing I can't seem to finalize in my mind is the color options. I am always curious to hear everyone else's opinion so here it goes. Is there anything I should consider when I am thinking about what colors I am selecting? Just figured I would reach out to you since this will be my first boat purchase and you have all been through this before.

I have read some posts about resale but I am not sure if I should even be worried about this since I plan on keeping this boat for a while.

I do like the new Rally graphic. Here is one scheme we are looking at.

Here is the other scheme we are looking at with either green and blue accents. I like how the green pops versus the black with blue accents. I like the green but don't want to have too much green. Black metal flake.

I have also thought about this scheme at times but seems like a safe choice versus something that would stand out a little more. Red metal flake, white and dark blue on the hull.

Thanks everyone.