New to forum and a new 06 Mobius lsv owner (1st time boat owner at that!!!). Had boat since Labor Day weekend. Today was the first time it's been in the water a significant period of time (6+ hrs). Near the end of our day, the bilge was running nonstop. Buddy with me is an experience boater and said that was odd. Popped open center ski locker/ballast compartment and it was full of water! Additionally, carpet in bow was soaked and carpet throughout most of boat under all seats. I was freaked with how much water we were taking on. Immediately took boat back to the launch and called it a day. Trailered boat and inspected hull...spotless. No damage, holes, cracks, etc.. Drain plug tightly in place but bilge ran for 15 minutes straight with a steady stream of water being pumped out. Water was warm, which (after reading other posts) leads me to believe I might have an exhaust shaft hose loose, cracked, or completely off. Anyone out there run into this problem and am I on point with my assumption that I have an exhaust shaft hose issue? I'm no mechanic so any insight would be appreciated.