I replaced my fuel pump in 2012, wasnt even running anymore. Well now again, I am getting no fuel to the carb. I replaced the fuel lines, filter, etc and check all for leaks. I can hear the fuel pump running when the boat is cranking, but now fuel is passing the pump, so I know it is not the oil pressure switch. I can draw fuel easily from the tank, through the line, through the filter up to the pump - FYI fuel tastes horrible.

Anyway, I pulled the pump off and ran a test using a tank and a battery. It did squirt fuel out at that point but I have no way of knowing what pressure. I guess my question is, could it be anything other than the pump at this point? And would a pump be bad after 3yrs? The boat did sit winterized for about 18months - old fuel was pumped out before all this. The motor will run with starter fluid - just not getting fuel past the pump.