I am brand new to the forums and I am currently looking to purchase my first boat. After visiting a Mastercraft Dealership and talking about looking for a used X2, they brought the Moomba line to my attention since they also carry these in addition to the Mastercraft line. Since I was looking at the X2 they pointed me towards the Mondo and after going out for a demo, we loved the boat but I have to admit it will be my first boat so I wouldn't neccessarily know the difference.

We have 4 kids under the age of 7 and would like to get them into skiing and other water sports. I assume over the next few years we will mainly be teaching them to water ski. Both my wife and I only currently waterski and do it recreationally. We both have interest in wake surfing and I am assuming we will be doing that also. I am also assuming that our kids could potentially get into wakeboarding in the future. We are looking the "cross over" type boat so that we can ski, wakeboard and surf if we want however we will likely be mainly skiing for a while.

3 the features I like about the Mondo are...

1. Deeper hull which seems better for younger kids when they are sitting inside and I was told smoother in busier and bigger lakes.
2. Price in comparison to a new Mastercraft which I cannot afford.
3. Size - it will fit nicely into my garage.

After the boat demo on the lake, the thing I am most concerned about is the ski wake even with the wake plate optimized since we will likely be skiing the majority of the time. It seems rather large but since I am new to this maybe I am completely wrong. I understand that this is not a true direct drive and thus will not give the perfect ski wakes.

Am I looking at the wrong boat? I am curious to see what others think. Thanks for your help!