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    Default moomba mobius xlv

    Thinking of purchasing a 2006 moomba mobius xlv just wondering what everyone thought of them and what kind of wake I can expect for wakeboarding and a little surfing before I drive a ways to go check it out thanks
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    Default moomba mobius xlv

    I would look up jmvotto user name. He has a 2012 xlv, which is the same hull and probably his posts would give you good insight into that boat. Also, a quick search of xlv should give you plenty of info. Good luck! Great boat.
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    I love it for its size, and the seating capacity, slalom skiing is really out with the big wake, wake boarding wake cleans up around 21 to 22 , so it is washy for slow speeds, very surfable with minimal weight, but a real decent wave when loaded, not like the mojo though....

    Tons of storage , love the playpen and basement under it.
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    My understanding is that that hull was redesigned in 2008.

    Moomba’s flagship wakeboard boat, the Moomba Mobius XLV is revamped for 2008 with new features, styling and performance upgrades, including a new hull design and wake enhancements.
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