2009 LSV w/Gravity 3 Ballast System
Switched to 1100's this season.
After surfing with the port side full and draining the bag, there is a significant amount of water under the bag (mostly in the back right corner)

Filled the bag with air to confirm any holes/leaks - none
Swapped the bag to the starboard side, filled, surfed, drained - no leak/water under the bag
Checked the fill/drain fittings - all seem tight
Replaced the O ring on the fill/drain port on the port side - still leaks
Checked the fitting while filling (until it get too heavy) - no leaks while filling

Never had this problem with the 750's
With the 1100 full and surfing, the bilge drain hole and ballast overfill hole on the port side are under water while surfing but shouldn't result in water getting back into the boat?

Where the frig is this water coming from?

Thanks in advance