Early defeat here in the Edmonton area (north central Alberta).
Every year, Indian summer end of Sept.
Nowhere in site this year.
While my boat's winterized out in BC, ski buddies here are throwing in the towel.
Skied a week ago; water 62F (down 6D in 5 days); air 65F.
Air no higher than 55F for the next 14 days, plus windy.

Thus ends another crappy year due to constant bad weekend weather and wind.

PS (Floridians may get a kick in that at water 62F, one guy and one girl were still in their swim trunks & vest; no wet suit).

gisepi, good for you skiing until ice-on. Nobody I know risks their engine block that late. I always (previously) book winterized for 1st Monday in Oct. You must have heated garage.