Hey all, had some bad luck this weekend and tore up my prop pretty good. The wife and I are still pretty new to the inboard world... Long story short... with some adjusting of trailer depth while loading the prop got into our trailer. I plan to send the stock OJ prop in for repair to use as a spare, not sure where the best place would be.

For a new prop I've been looking at the ACME 1235 but I'm curious what other mojo guys are using. I run stock ballast and usually 6 or more passengers... Can be a bit sluggish out of the hole but tops out around 45 with the OJ stock prop. We mostly wakeboard with ballast full and cruise at around 30mph. We do some skiing and tubing as well. We're also planning to get into surfing next season.

I've found decent prices at wake props and nettles online... Any suggestions? I need it by Friday for the weekend.