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    Stereo in my boat is weak. Starting to put it together slowly. So far this is what I got;

    Rockford M210S4 Marine 10" subwoofer 250 watt rms
    6 kicker tower speakers 100 watts each rms
    4 cabin speakers 60 watts each rms

    My boat currently has 2 batteries with a switch. I play to use one to crank the boat and one to run the stereo. Will this be enough battery power essentially for 10 speakers and a sub?

    Now, I am in the market for a couple of amps. What do you guys suggest without breaking the bank.
    I have been looking at getting 2 Rockford Fostgate M600-4D 600 watts rms each.

    Thoughts? Tips?


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    Without knowing what is currently in the boat, especially amp wise, theres no way to comment on any kind of improvement this new system will be over the other. What are your goals for the tower speakers, surf or wake-board range?

    With 2 4 chnl amps, I see it configured like this: 4 in-boats on one half of one amp, with each speaker receiving 75W rms. Thats decent power for most any 6.5" in-boat. Sub bridged on the other half receiving 300W rms.

    Tower setup will have 1 pair on one half of 2nd amp with each speaker receiving 100W rms each and the other 2 pair on the other half of the amp receiving 75W rms each.

    Looks like a respectable system if your goals are to have good performing, balanced setup thats not breaking the bank.

    It only takes a single battery to power a system, but 2 banks and a dual-battery switch will allow you to safely play at anchor, leaving one in reserve to restart the engine. Now, how long will it play on that one battery will be determined by a number of things, and even then, its a guesstimate. Amps, there tuning, battery Ah, type of music, how loud you play, ect, etc. If you need some serious play time, you may need to invest in a larger battery bank and plan on some shore charging.

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