Iím looking to sell the audio equipment out of my 2 month old 2013 Mojo so that I can upgrade. Here is what it has:

Roswell R6 (Pair)
Kicker DX 300.2
*Note- Moomba purchases the DX amps from a 3rd party that modifies them for marine applications

Kicker KM6200ís (3 pairs) *I believe, could be another KM6000 variant but ratings are all the same
Kicker DX 200.4

These are the audio options "b" and "d" which are an additional $1,575 to the purchase price. The retail cost of these components, amplifier modifications and shipping would likely come out to slightly below this Moomba cost.

This audio system is pretty good and can meet the needs of most, I'd just like to get something a little better. This system is "nearly new" as I've only used it a few times thus far.

Please make me an offer. Also, I'd be willing to separate the tower and cabin systems.