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    Quote Originally Posted by 996scott View Post
    ...I would rather have something that I can do everything on.
    This sounds like LSV all the way to me. And you're not going to find a better LSV than the one you've got linked!

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    Default 2006 Supra 21V or 2007 Moomba LSV? Need your opinion.

    I have a 2008 21V which is almost the exact same boat as that one just newer with some minor changes. If I were you I would choose Razzmans boat. He's been a member here and a contributor for a long time, way longer than I but you tend to learn who the good folks are real soon. It has everything you need and more minus PP which you can always install yourself. Since you still ski then PP to me is necessary. Overall good wakeboard wake, better surf wave, and "closer" to your number. Man I could make money on my supra if I sold it seeing these asking prices.

    Good luck in your search. Black gel coats are a paint to keep clean though.
    2008 Supra 21V-Currently For Sale

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    Seems like with razzmans boat you know he took great care if it and made some really tasteful upgrades to the boat. Not to say the other boat wasn't taken care of. With lsv it already has a great stereo, the 21v looks like the stock setup which I would guess you may want to replace at some point.
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