Need your opinion of a couple of boats that have caught my eye.

2006 Supra

2007 LSV

They both look they are in pretty good shape, neither with very high hours, and roughly the same age. The LSV seems to have more upgrades and it sounds like a lot of you know the owner. I have not talked to either owner about $ so I don't know how much either will come down at this point. $30K is a number I am hoping to stay close to. The Supra looks pretty good and I have heard that Supra boats have a little better "fit and finish" to them. It also has perfect pass which I have read is really nice and the boat is local so easy for me to check it out. The LSV is 800 miles away so not so easy to check out. The playpen in the Supra is nice for a little more seating but not something I have to have. So any thought on these two boats would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.