Was going to put these pics in the August picture thread but thought that this little trip was just too cool and too much fun and it deserved it's own thread.

Here are some pics of another northern expedition up the Chestatee river on Lake Lanier. We went as far as we could go until the water depth was 3ft. River width was about 40 - 50 feet across. Water temp was about 71 down from 78 where we put in at Little Hall Park.

3 boats: Moomba LSV, X-Star, Yamaha AR240
8 adults 8 kids

All of us said the same thing that this was pretty much the most fun we've had on the lake. This beat out perfect riding water, perfect sets, and anything else you can think of. We had a BLAST and so did the kids.

a few weeks ago we went to just about where the river starts flowing into the lake and I wanted to go a little further but we were in my buddies X-Star and even though the water depth was reading 17 ft he didn't want to go it at the time. here is a shot of that location:

Yesterday we had three boats with us so we felt a little better about going in plus other boats were seen going in and out. Of course none of those were inboards but we decided to go for it.

Cruising up the lake:

Before going in: