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    Default Radar Vice VS Connelly Concept

    How is the Radar Vice?
    I am new to the course, not free skiing. I currently ski on a Connelly Concept and can only get 3 bouys, at 30mph, at 22 off. I know with practice I could probably do better, but I feel that I am out skiing the Connelly. It is just too slow. The Vice looks good because of the price, but I am wondering if it is worth the upgrade.

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    IMO, the concept is a decent ski that has been around for a long time. You are not outskiing that ski. It would easily get you into 35 off at 36 mph.

    Now, newer designed ski MAY make it easier for you to run the course. In fact, you should look at some of the specific skis for 32-34 mph skiers.

    I can't comment on the Vice as I have not ridden on one, but I used to own a Concept (and F1, Monza, and NOS). Not knowing where you are located, Try to see if a shop will let you demo skis. That will help you in your decision making.
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    Now, newer designed ski MAY make it easier for you to run the course. In fact, you should look at some of the specific skis for 32-34 mph skiers.

    Just my two cents. . . agree with the above in that some of the wider ( non traditional width skis ) can get you through the course up to a suprising short line pull. Some say that my O'Brien Syncro has made a 38 off pass, with the stick on the heels of a pro.

    That said, moving from my Syncro to an HO Triumph, in my opinion, helped me through the course a little bit better. The ski seems more responsive, faster, and overall, the bindings were more comfortable.

    So switching skis may not be a bad thing, it just may not solve foundational problems. In fact, it really brought some of mine to light and I had to correct them quickly due to the characteristics of the ski.

    It may be worthwhile to talk to a pro or coach and get their input. I do know that generally, they are affiliated with brand names such as Jobe, Connelly, HO, RADAR, etc but they can give you some good advice on ski width etc.

    Keep it fun and keep running the course. Don't forget to do the dry land practices as well, and get that muscle memory imbedded into your body. It helps!


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    I went from a 1998 Connelly concept, to a Radar Annex, to an HO A2. Turns out HOW you ski has much more to do with yoru skiing than WHAT you ski on. Although I have skied some serious increased personal bests on the A2, I attribute it more to style than the ski. That and being the right body weight. As my weight goes up my skiing gets worse.
    I loved my Concept and skied it hard at 38 off in open water. But fought it when getting back into the course at 15@28. After sking my Concept 2 firends went out and bought their own.
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    I love my Vice but I've never skied on the concept so I can't compare. I went from the Radar Senate to the Vice 2 years ago- the Vice is fast that's for sure plus more importantly it looks cool. I'm currently skiing at 30-32 mph -15; I have the Strada boots which I love also- good support but with the liners they release when I need them to.
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    To All: thank you for the advice. I think I'm going to stick with the concept and use that money to put gas in the boat.

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