Was taken our boat out after a great day pulling the kids and wife Wake Boarding and Wake Surfing and all I have to say is - no one at the ramp had any sense, no courtesy, and I swear I thought I would go postal.
First thing is the beloved Jet skiers tied up all three ramps with their jet skis just talking - no trailers just sitting blocking the ramps... I figured they would get out of the way if I started backing the trailer down the ramp - But no such luck - while I was backing the trailer up - a twit in a black Mercedes drove behind me which caused me to slam on the brakes and many words I thought where out of my vocabulary came out... She looked at me when she got next to me and said - sorry... I informed her in language I am sure she could understand that she was more than sorry.... I then got out of the truck and yelled at the jet skiers - it was like I flushed a covey of quail - they started scattering. Well I got back in to back up again and a small car towing a jet ski pulled behind me to launch their jet ski blocking me and making me slam my brakes on for the second time. He decided once I got out of the truck he might want to get out of the immediate area and left.
Finally got the trailer in the water -Wife put the boat on the trailer - I asked her to cut the motor off - I pulled the boat out to wipe down and clean before heading home and well The wife left the motor running - I heard the boat running about 30 feet from the ramp - slammed the brakes on and yelled to cut the boat off - she did cut the boat off. At this time I was needing something stronger than a diet Coke... I pulled back around - put the boat back in the water and asked her to crank it up and let me know what the temp was - Thank God it was 160 degrees - Let the boat run for 5 minutes to make sure we didnt ruin the impeller.
This was my GREAT DAY at the lake - Thank God for Johnny Walker Red....... I will never launch again at Lanier South!!!!!!!