Being a new OBV (and inboard) owner I'm curious what everyone thinks is necessary end-of-the-season maintenance that is different than what the owner's manual calls for? What is needed in the first year (I should have right around 25 hrs at the end of the season) vs. every year after the first?

I have asked the same question of my dealer and so far they have been great to work with, but I would like to come into the discussion with them as intelligent as I can since I'm not much of an engine guy.

And as far as winterization goes, what is the general thought on inboards about either using antifreeze or just draining all the water from the engine? The dealer/shop I used for my old I/O swore by just draining the water and I never had an issue after 10 yrs but I'm not sure if that thought process holds true with inboards. My boat is stored in non-heated storage in IL during the winter so we can definitely get below zero temps.

Welcome any and all of your thoughts.