I just ordered a prop with Nettle props, and got an email confirmation as soon as I placed the order. I noticed "awaiting payment" on the order. No big deal. I waited a couple of hours and the status didn't change. They're only open till noon today and it's now around 3 p.m.

Great now I've got to wait until Monday to find out what's going on. I emailed their sales department with my problem. The phone rang an hour later. I noticed a Texas area code.

It was a rep from Nettle. He answered my question and my concerns were dealt with.

Hats off to Nettle props for taking time out of their personal life to deal with a very minor customer issue. This is sure a refreshing change from what I typically deal with.

Only problem is that I was hoping they might ship out the prop today and I might get it by Tuesday. It'll be a few days later now. Lesson learned: Always have a spare prop handy.