Hey guys, I am new to this forum because I just bought my first Moomba Boat. My signature says it all and my photo album will continue to grow with the 34 pics that make up the "virtual tour" of my new boat. I am not a new boat owner. I traded in a 1985 MasterCraft Stars & Stripes in order to get this boat. I took delivery of the boat yesterday around noon and after the demo ride with the sales guy the engine hours was reported by the gauge at 44 MINUTES! I am super stoked about getting it in the water and making some waves.
I am still learning to wake board and the dealer threw in a surfboard so, I am going to start learning to surf as well. I slalom and kneeboard. That '85 MasterCraft threw the smallest and softest wakes at ski speeds and was a dream to ski behind.

I'm married and have three kids and they all love to go to the lake. We like to have fun on the lake with old friends and new made friends so, if you are in or around Edmond, OK let's hook up and make waves together.

I am a mechanical engineer and an experienced (Non-certified) mechanic on pretty much every mode of motorized transportation from the air to the subsea. I am also a pretty good welder in MIG, AC/DC TIG, and Stick and I have some experience in CNC & Manual Machining. I built my own extended pylon for my boat out of aluminum. (I'll put pics in another album later.

I know it sounds a little like a job interview or a dating site application but I am just trying to give a little Bio and let y'all know that I am more than willing to help out with questions and labor whenever I can.