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Well, the 2006 LSV turned out to be a bust. The gelcoat on this one was better, but still needed a good polish. The interior was fairly run down. Carpet was very dirty and the vinyl had quite a few stains. The Moomba cruise didn't work and one of the tower speakers was dead. When the guy pulled up the boat had ID tags from another state than what was in the pictures that the seller sent to me. I asked him if he had recently moved or something, he said no "the pictures that I sent to you were taken right after I bought the boat 3 years ago and it sill had the first owners ID on there." That is why the boat looked so good in the pictures. That kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

I think that I will keep looking. I expect a 5-7 year old boat to have a scratch, ding, or stain here or there. But, I can't believe how dirty people show a boat that they are trying to sell.
We leave for Norris Lake Friday and will be there all weekend. If you want to ride and drive mine come on over with the wife and kids.

I can send updated pictures of her down to the little tear in the vinyl that I have already made the appointment to get repaired this fall.