Pre-warning, I'm long-winded on forums as I'm sure some have noticed.

Go look at both and I'm sure you'll feel it with one of them. Plus once you get the vibe from the owners that may make a big difference too as you'll be able to tell what kind of people they are and how they likely took care of their boat.

Maybe you won't feel it with either though? Who knows, maybe after you go look you'll decide that neither is exactly what you want. With this big of a purchase, hold out and get what you want. I'm so glad that the deal fell through with an 05 LSV I almost bought. Basically the credit union I used wouldn't allow any extras to be added to the value of the boat on NADA (like no check boxes at all, just base price, which is dumb) so I couldn't get financed. It sucked and I was so let down. I absolutely would have that boat right now if it would have came through, and I wouldn't even know what I was missing out on.

Then very shortly after I found the 06 on here that I have now which booked a bit higher, even though I didn't need it with my new credit union since they added extras (I went through a new credit union anyway that I love now and have switched almost everything over to them).

I think those prices are reasonable, but there are deals out there. For reference, I think I got a great deal that may be hard to match, but I paid $28k for mine with 180hrs a few months ago. Mine has perfect pass, bimini top, single axle trailer, G3 ballast (I've upgraded rear bags now), dual batteries. No tower speakers, but it's wired for them. Ryan kept excellent care of is as good as new. I had to drive 5 hours and so did he, we met halfway. I was so in love with it when he pulled up, I almost shat my pants. I was on cloud 9 the whole drive home, and I did that drive from 1am to 6am and literally went straight to the boat launch because I couldn't wait to get it in the water. My point should feel like that and be pretty obvious to you if it's your boat!