Yea, Wax, this is hard. Both sellers sound pretty firm on price. I was leaning to the 2006 when I thought that it had Perfect Pass. Now I am thinking the 2008. I am just thinking that you get a 2 year newer boat with 60 less hours on it for only $2K. In the future, if I sell, I think the 2008 would have a better resale value.

But, you have a point, about taking that $2k and putting it into a ballast system for the 2006.

The other thing is that I am going to look at the 2008 first and then the 2006 2 days later. But, in between that time, someone else is supposed to come look at the 2008. So, if I don't pull the trigger on the 2008 before seeing the 2006, I may lose that one. Maybe, I just wait until I see the 2006 and if those other people buy the 2008, fate will have helped me to decide.