Hey guys - I need your help here. I am looking to buy a LSV. I have two on my radar that I am going to look at. One is a 2006 and the other is a 2008. Below are the differences between the two, everything else is equal between them. Which way would you go?

2006 LSV - 210 hours, perfect pass, gravity I ballast, 4 tower speakers, dual amps, two subwoofers, dual batteries, dual axle trailer, $32K

2008 LSV - 146 hours, Moomba cruise, gravity III ballast, no tower speakers, factory sound system, no subwoofer, single battery, single axle trailer, $34K

I want to use the boat for tubing, wakeboarding, and surfing. I am a decent wakeboarder now, but definitely want to learn to surf. I have two boys 11 and 13. With the 2006, I will need to add ballast. With the 2008, I would want to add at least two tower speakers. I really don't care about having a killer sound system. Just something that I can hear at a reasonable volume while surfing or wakeboarding. The prices on both sound pretty firm.

What is the difference between the perfect pass and the Moomba cruise?