We were at Lake Shasta this weekend (Friday through Tuesday) and were heading back to the boat ramp Monday night around 7:30 pm at 25 mph after a great three days on the water. We were in a channel about a half mile from the boat launch, we had passed through this same channel several times over the weekend with no issues and had seen several other boats pass through as well but probably because the water level drops daily, we hit something this time through, probably a rock ledge. After the prop strike, I could not go more than 5 mph without experiencing severe vibration so we limped along at 5 mph the remaining half mile or so back to the launch. Glad we were not further away when it happened. Below are pics of the damage. I'm told the gelcoat damage was cause by the prop - we hit so hard that it pushed the prop up into the gelcoat and took a chunk out of it.

Took the boat to Active Watersports in Oregon City, OR yesterday when we got back into town and today, I get the estimate. Let's just say it's a lot more than I expected. In addition to the obvious damage to the prop and gelcoat, the prop shaft and prop shaft strut are apparently bent. Fortunately, there was no damage to the tracking fins or the rudder.

This is my first prop strike so I have been fortunate all these years so I guess my luck finally ran out.

Im working with my insurance company now to get the estimate approved. Will keep everyone posted.