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    Default FYI - potential issues with catalytic converters

    Some of you might recall a post from me a couple weeks ago regarding issues with water in the cylinders and oil pan. I gave up and took it into the local dealer, turns out there was an issue with the catalytic converters. It's still not exactly clear what CAUSED the problem, but I did learn that there is apparently some design issues from Indmar, as apparently there is actually a re-call on the converters.

    As we bought the boat used, never heard about the re-call. These units are VERY expensive, was quoted ~$1700 each! We were fortunate, in that either Indmar volunteered or our dealer pushed to have this done under warrantly.

    It's still going to cost us $1k between the warranty transfer and labor, but that's alot less than what we were originally facing!

    Anyway, for those of you with a similar motor (this was in a 2011 Mobius XLV), might want to get these looked at and / or talk to your dealer about the re-call. Thanks to everyone who responded to my original post, hope this update is helpful to some of you.

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    Thanks for the heads up on that. Must have a problem with the liner the convertors are housed in?
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