Today I morn the passing of Butch, my best friend of 13 years. I got him as a puppy in Tucson AZ, he was a Doberman, Blue Healer mix. Smartest dog i have ever known, show him something once and he knew it after that. He was also my drinking buddy for a long time. I would have a beer and he would have one in his bowl with me. Many memories of nights like that. At 1 point my X said " You love that dam dog more then me!" Well we can see who lasted 13 years. He was the toughest dog i knew, He had Valley Fever in 04 and was said to only live 2 years, i got him chemo pills, and he lived for another 9. Tonight i hold a glass of Crown Royal in one hand to toast the best dog i have ever known because he is royalty. In the other i pour out a beer for him. This Coors is for you Butch, you will always be in my thoughts every time i have a beer boy. Love you like a som bitch man. Here is a few of my favorite pictures with him over the last few years.

Green Peter 2013

Saying Good bye 2013

First winter with Claudia as my GF 06

First home in 07