I've owned my 07 LSV for about 1 yr. now and I've blown 4 tires and I'm done. I'll never buy tires from goodyear again. Last labor day I blew two tires and they were the only place open and they ended up selling me tires load rated at 1500#'s. now I've blow more tires and screwed up both fenders. I live in Arizona so temperature plays in along with speed on tire derating. I've been doing research on going to a 15" rim and going to a load rating E which is 2800# per tire vs 1500#. I would have to go to a 225/75r15 which is ~28" in diameter, which will be a close fit. The other option is a 205/75r15 with 2150# load rating but is 27" in diameter which will fit without modifing the fender. Has anybody done this swap or something close?