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    Default wind block made easy and cheap

    IMG_0255.jpgIMG_0256.jpgIMG_0258.jpgAn easy and cheap way to make a wind block is to measure your walk-thru and make a template out of cardboard. I then went to my local sign store and asked if they had some coroplast, it's what they make signs out of, basically plastic cardboard. My shop had some scraps and gave them to me for free. I traced my template on them and made 2, one full length and one half length for when I have a ballast bag in the walkway. I then painted them and for nothing more than some time I have 2 wind blocks. I made them to go from the floor up to rest on the windshield and they basically "wedge" into place. I got the 10mm coroplast, thicker is better so they don't flex. Tried them out last week and they work great. I've since added some decals to dress them up, anyway it's easy.
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