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    Default Kicker Amp issues

    I have a Kicker ZXM450.2 that I bought a few months ago to go with my Kicker tower speakers the amp has gone into protection mode & I can't get it out I have completely unhooked it and re hooked everything up light comes on as soon as the power ground and remote wire are hooked up, evternal fuses are fine. Anyone have any ideas?

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    If all speakers and RCA's are disconnected and the red protect light comes on when the amp is powered up, then it sounds like an internal issue. But, 2 things to check first. 1) battery voltage. 2) make sure there are no whisker hair wire strands bridging over from the ground cable to the turn-on lead. Slim chance, but electrical is not always predictable.

    What speakers are you driving with it?

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    I am running the KMT 60's this is the amp Phil from Kicker suggested for these speakers I have the power running through a distribution block with a voltage display and it is showing 13.5 volts I have 2 bats in boat wired in parallel I will check for whisker hairs as the power wire is a very large gauge wire and could possibly be touching the remote wire.

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    If after you check for whisker hairs it is still behaving badly, even with the speakers disconnected please call us toll free at (800) 256 - 0808 and ask for Customer Service. Your amp has a two-year warranty so we will want to repair it for you.

    When you get it back, lets go through your settings and check the speakers to make sure that the speakers are functioning properly as well. Happy to help out!


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    Will do Phil thanks for the great customer service your company provides.

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    So I checked all connections still had issue so I re-installed the amp that was in the boat when I bought it an everything worked. Definitely issue with the amp so I called HIFI sound connection whom I bought it from and they are gonna warranty it.

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