I want to get your guys opinions on this idea. I have been trying for awhile to find a tandem axle trailer to switch for my single axle but didn't come up with any luck on that. So the other day I ran across what I thought was a good deal on Craigslist. So I found a tandem axle trailer for a 2008 Ranger boat trailer. The guy was parting it out. The frame forward of the axles was all bent due to a wreck. The axles were torsion flex axles, one with hydraulic disc brakes, and they also have oil bath bearings. Well I was able to pick up both axles with 5 tires and rims and the spare tire mount for $500. So I'm going to be trying to convert my trailer from single axle to tandem. Can anyone give any ideas of things that I should make sure of before I attack this project?