Hey guys, long time no post. Been hangn at the Malibucrew. Being that no one has been able to help me there, which is surprising. I thought I would see if you guys know.

2002 VLX wakesetter is my ride. Have the medllion guages & MDC 1600.

My gauges work, but they are wrong. Oil pressure works fine till we shut the boat off, then the rest of the day it shows half of a what a mechanical gauge shows when hooked up, so I know the motor is fine. Temp is also off showing 175, my laser thermo shows a constant 156-158 when shooting into the threads where the temp sensor is. Connections are fine so far that I have traced. Suddenly my Tach decided to take a shit & is stuck at 3k rpm. Taking the dash apart tonight & using the multi meter.

I have already cleaned the canon plug, like I said connections at sensors seem fine. Starting to think my MDC needs to be replaced? But everyone says their gauges are dead when the MDC is shot? Wondering if any of you can guide me here?